Lunch Menu

Tremfan Hall Lunch Menu 2024


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Nibbles & Starters

Queen green olives £5 (gf) (vg)

Breadboard  Butter with smoked sea salt, aged balsamic & Welsh garlic rapeseed oil £5 (v)

Pork scratchings with Anglesey sea salt & smoked paprika £5 (gf)

Beetroot Hummus – Chef-made hummus, crumbled vegan feta cheese, pomegranate seeds, chopped mint, toasted pumpkin seeds, garlic oil, croutons £9 (vg) (n)

Chicken Liver & Honey Parfait – Jar of smooth texture pate flavoured with brandy & honey, toasted brioche, croutons, olives, cornichons, mixed salad, beetroot textures £9.5 (gf if ordered with gf bread roll no croutons)

Soup of the day – Served with rustic bread & butter £8

Tremfan Old Smokey – smoked haddock, tiger prawns, potato, peas, thermidor sauce, cheese gratin £10

Chicken Strips – Chicken breast deep fried in crispy crumb served with aioli 3 strips £6 – 5 strips £8

Mussels – Fresh mussels, spring onions, garlic, parsley, cider & cream sauce, rustic bread & butter £13.5 (gf)

Shiitake Mushroom Sushi Rolls – Handmade Japanese sushi rolls, spring onion, cucumber, red pepper, sriracha vegan mayonnaise, angel hair chilli, soya dip, pickled ginger, crispy onions, toasted sesame seeds, avocado slices (gf) (vg) £12

(n) Contains nuts – (vg) Vegan – (v) Vegetarian – (gf) Gluten free – (agf) Available gluten free – (avg) available vegan

Please inform us of any allergies and we can accommodate your needs

Most of our desserts can be adjusted to suit nut allergies

Mains & Larger Dishes


Peppercorn Rump Steak Baguette

Sautéed onions & mushrooms, rump steak strips, skin on chips, pepper sauce

Hot Turkey Breast Baguette

With stuffing, skin on chips, cranberry sauce - pan of blond gravy.
£15 (vg)

BBQed Asparagus & Beetroot Hummus Baguette

Mixed leaf, grated carrot, sliced tomato, vegan feta cheese, skin on chips

Roquefort, Avocado & Pear Salad

Mixed leaf, cherry tomatoes, toasted sunflower seeds, avocado slices, pomegranate, toasted walnuts, cucumber, red onion, maple syrup dressing. (n) (gf) (avg)

Smoked Salmon & Tiger prawn Salad

Mixed leaves, smoked salmon, poached prawns, cucumber, peppers, avocado & tomatoes, red onion, lemon & poppy seed dressing, pot of Mary Rose sauce. (gf)

Tremfan Old Smokey Meal

Smoked haddock, tiger prawns, potato, peas, thermidor sauce, cheese gratin served with mixed rainbow salad & chips.

The Bistro Burger

Handmade beef patty, rustic brioche bun, sweet pickled gherkins, cheddar cheese, Tremfan BBQ sauce served separate Tremfan curried coleslaw & skin on chips. Add 2 Rashers of smoked bacon +£2

Lentil & Nut Bistro Burger

Our own mixed lentil, roast nuts & vegetable burger in a crispy crumb, lettuce, tomato, pickled gherkin, sriracha mayonnaise , skin on chips, curried coleslaw (v) (n)

8oz Welsh Ribeye Steak

Prime cut of beef cooked to your liking served with skin on chips, garlic & herb olive oil-soaked baby tomatoes, truffle dressed watercress, peppercorn sauce. (gf)

Linguini Bolognaise

Beef & tomato ragu sauce, shiitake & chestnut mushrooms, pasta ribbons, shaved parmesan, truffle oil drizzle, garlic bread.
£15- £22

Tremfan Coconut Curry

Mild & tasty coconut curry with peppers, sweet potato, chick peas, coriander & cauliflower served with chips or rice. – Vegetable £16 (vg) – Chicken £18 - King Prawn £22

Graze Plate Sharer for 2/3

Olives, beetroot hummus with feta cheese & pomegranite, chicken liver pate, chutney, Snowdonia rock star cheddar, creamy burrata with pesto, crispy chicken strips & garlic mayo, pigs in blankets, rustic bread & sea salt butter, croutons, basket of chips

Mussels & Chips

Fresh mussels, onions, garlic, parsley & cider cream sauce, skin on chips, rustic bread & butter.

Chilli Beef Pancakes

Savoury pancakes filled with spicy chilli beef, coriander & peppers baked with tomato sauce & cheese, aromatic rice, soured cream

Children’s Menu



Crispy Chicken Strips

Served with tomato sauce.

Tomato Soup (v) (agf)

Served with crusty bread & butter

Mozzarella Sticks (v)

Crispy fried mozzarella in breadcrumbs, salad garnish, BBQ sauce

Garlic & Herb Bread (v)



Linguini Bolognaise

Beef mince & tomato ragu, pasta ribbons, garlic bread.

Pork & Leek Sausage, Mash & Peas

Served with blond gravy.

Chicken strips Main

3 Crispy chicken strips, skin on chips, peas & tomato sauce.

Roast Peppers & Spinach Linguini Pasta

Tomato & basil cream sauce served with garlic bread. (v) (vg Without cream)

Roast Turkey Dinner (Sunday only)

Turkey breast, roast & mash potato, stuffing, Yorkshire pudding, mixed vegetables, Blond gravy, cranberry sauce. (gf Version available)

Roast Beef Dinner (Sunday Only)

Rump steak roast served pink or cooked through, roast & mash potato, stuffing, Yorkshire pudding, mixed vegetables, beef marrow gravy. (gf Version available)
£2 Per scoop

Ice Creams

Vanilla - Mint Chocolate Chip - Strawberry - Coconut - Salted Caramel (vg)

Side Orders


Skin on chips with sea salt flakes (gf) (v)


Rainbow side salad (vg) (gf)


Mixed vegetables


Tremfan Hall Cheeseboard (n)

Roquefort Blue – Snowdonia rock star cheddar – Per las blue brie – Soft French goat’s cheese with truffle honey, cracker selection, fruits, nuts, chutney. (n) (Available without nuts), (gf if ordered with gf bread roll)



Chocolate Truffle Torte

Decadent dark chocolate brownie torte served with fresh berries, fruit gels, & vegan vanilla ice cream, cinder toffee (gf) (vg)

Coconut Creme Brûlée (n) (agf)

Caramel glaze, passion fruit macaron, mango compote

Sticky Toffee Pudding (n)

Orange gel, toffee sauce, roast nuts, sliced banana & chocolate shards, vanilla ice cream or double cream custard. (available with out nuts)

Lemon & Ginger Cheesecake

Meringue drops, lime curd, raspberry sorbet, ginger crumb, fresh raspberries, red berry coulis

Millionaire Chocolate Bomb (n) (agf)

Chocolate sphere, vanilla ice cream, shortcake crumb, fresh strawberries, toasted almonds, almond cake, mint chiffonnade, hot toffee sauce

Custard Panna Cotta with Rhubarb Millefeuille

Sharp lemon gel, fresh berries, tile leaf

Ice Creams

3 scoops
Vanilla (gf)
Mint chocolate chip (gf)
Coconut (gf)
Vegan Salted Caramel (vg)
Vegan Vanilla (vg)


3 scoops
Lemon (vg) (gf)
Blackcurrant (vg) (gf)