Divi Mega Pro is the most powerful and popular mega menu plugin for Divi! Create full featured mega menus and mega tooltips using the power of the Divi Builder! Divi Mega Pro allows you to create awesome mega menus like this tabs mega menu in order to show more content to your visitor easily. Divi Mega Pro is powered by the Divi Builder! This means you can use the builder you already know and love to craft gorgeous mega menus. Use Divi’s incredible design tools, as well as all of the build in modules to create truly spectacular mega menus your visitors will love.

No Limits!

Just like Divi itself, Divi Mega Pro is limited only by your imagination! You get complete access to the FULL Divi Builder to create your mega menu. This means you can insert any of Divi’s included modules or any other content you’d like in the mega menu or mega tooltip. This also means that you get to design your mega menus with Divi. You get access to all Divi’s incredible design tools, right inside of Divi Mega Pro!

We know it can sometimes be tricky to craft the perfect mega menu or mega tooltip. That’s why Divi Mega Pro comes with gorgeous mega menu templates to help you get started! You can use them as a starting point, then customize al the content, styling, etc. to make it look absolutely perfect for your unique website.

Just like Divi, Divi Mega Pro is responsive out of the box (thanks to Divi’s responsive grid). Your Mega Menus will automatically scale and stack on mobile, allowing the mega menus to be viewed on mobile devices.

However, in some cases, you may want to simplify the mega menu on mobile. Using Divi’s included responsive design tools, you can change the styling of your mega menus for just mobile, or even completely disable a section, row, or module on mobile devices. This allows you to create smaller and more compact mobile mega menus! Plus, Divi Mega Pro allows you to completely disable your mega mega on certain devices too for enhanced mobile control!

Plus, we have even more mobile-focused features in the works too!

At Divi Life, we have an outstanding reputation for customer support. We are constantly looking for ways to improve customer experience. If you have any trouble at all, just open a support ticket, and one of our friendly support technicians will assist you. They’ll even help you set up the plugin on your site if needed!

And if you run into a bug or conflict with another plugin (which happens from time to time) we’ll do our best to fix it for you, even if it’s at the fault of the other plugin!

We strive for amazing customer experiences, so please let us know what we can do to help your experience with Divi Mega Pro (or any Divi Life plugin) be better.